Commercial Pop | Aymee Weir – Feel it Too

Here we have unearthed some pretty catchy commercial pop from London’s very own Aymee Weir. It’s not often a purely pop orientated tune grabs my attention but this release from Weir was too good to pass by. This is the epitome of a ‘grower’, the first time played this it was fairly decent, after several more spins, I absolutely adored it. ‘Feel it Too‘ is a summertime tune fitting for festival season. A high class new breakthrough act.

Watching Glastonbury over the weekend I was amazed at the amount of pop talent that has passed me by in recent times. I am not letting Aymee Weir pass me by now. Feel it too is an infectious bop – a really radio friendly effort. What impessed me the most is the production of the tracks. Weir’s vocals are on-point but it is the overall package that just feels top shelf. I get a bit of an Ellie Goulding vibe from it.

If you are a Londoner, you may have even spotted Weir as you walked the city streets. She has been busking solidly for the last three years in the capital. She is originally from Worcestershire but moved to London to broaden her opportunities. She is looking to break from the busking scene and last year released her debut recorded EP ‘Hindsight’. The EP got rave reviews from various selectors at BBC Radio. She is hoping her latest single ‘Feel it Too’ will reap the same high praise. I certainly think she has the star quality needed. If this track gets out there, other listeners will too. Best of luck Aymee. 👌

The accoustic version of ‘Weight’ is absolutely stunning too. Lana Del Ray vibes. Pure talent is hard to beat.

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