Safe As Houses – Lucky Lucky

One of my favourite songs at this moment in time, they even have a nice wee bit of violin thrown in for good measure. Lucky Lucky is a really top drawer track that has been on repeat here in my venue over here in London since I got it sent over by the band’s representative a few nights ago. I would always throw a critical ear at anything new I hear for the first time – this one passed the test after a mere thirty seconds. These talented folks have got the right components.

The track opens with some nice electric guitar work, which is soon joined by some accoustic and a shade of percussion. The mood builds quickly and the really pleasant vocals come in. This is the point I was sold. These are some accomplished vocals – clean and totally natural. I love easy listening tracks like this, nothing mad going on, just pure vibes. This is a song for a sunny day as you drive casually by the coast – Uplifting, charming and well executed. Straight on the summer playlist you go.

Safe as Houses is a five-piece alt-folk band from Kitchener, Ontario. This track is the title-track from their third studio album – I’m definitely having a gawk at their other two albums now off the back of it. Formed originally of Elliot Anton (guitar, vocals) and Bensen Carter (cello, bass, vocals), along with brothers Andrew Laughton (guitar, vocals) and Thomas Laughton (drums, vocals). They then pushed forward and enlisted the vocals and lovely violin playing of Lauren Taylor. They have hit the nail on the head completely. I would encourage any folk enthusiast to check out this very impressive band. This is most definitely my find of the week.

Get on this!

This band deserve more than just a localized cult following. To make this even more amazing – The music video is shot in Ireland!

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