Something a little bit more electronic here from Norwegian trippy dream producer Marius. We are all for new things here at Sniffer and this certainly fits the bill – IDNTWNTU is a throwback to early work by Paascâl in the early days of SoundCloud. This cleverly made track features Eryn Martin on words.

The track opens up with Martin‘s languid vocal mumbling through her thoughts with a little kick and background distortion in accompaniment – already there is a sense of something abnormally original about this whole composition. The catchy ‘I don’t want you’ lyric comes back again and again in the opening minutes – after a few listens, this track is an earworm.

I used to constantly listen to a track called ‘Drowning in You’ by Canadian producer Paascal (who I have featured on Sniffer). I think it is apparent that Marius has taken some notes from him, the distorted vocal snippets that run throughout are unmistakably similar. Nothing wrong with that. Enough ramble from me, please check this one out if you have a few minutes to spare on your commute home. 👌

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