Brand New: Callum Pitt – Slow my Heart Rate Down

I have been waiting patiently for a month or so now for the release of this absolutely powerful piece of music so I can show it off to yee all. This was sent to me via his label Kaleidoscope Records & I have had to sit on this post – the tune instantly compelled me. This young UK singer/ songwriter has many components I look for, a great falsetto voice, brilliant lyrics and a great honest concept. Slow My Heart Rate Down is a keeper from word go.

Pitt not only creates music that sounds good on the ear, he also tries to touch upon difficult stigmatized issues like mental health struggles through the medium of his tunes. When pushed to describe the premise behind this poignant release Pitt states the brave concept of it all.

Myself and many close to me get quite bad anxiety, so the track records how it feels to have an attack from anxiety. The song was written and recorded in a way which would reflect the feeling of your heartbeat getting faster and faster, feeling helpless and having thoughts racing through your head, all coming to a crescendo before a calm state is reached”

The song opens with brittle guitar plucking accompanied by Pitts whimsically beautiful high pitched murmurings. The lyrics describe how he is ‘slowly shaking’ as the onset of an imminent anxiety attack comes on. As the song progresses, it does so in a very magical style, similar to the vocal structure of an early Justin Vernon release. We then experience a musical crescendo as the tone, tempo and feel intensifies, symbolizing the complete peak of the episode, which suddenly dissipates to the quaint and mellow once again. Clever songwriting.

This is a fantastic stand-alone piece from Pitt’s new EP Poisoned Reveries. I think I’d be hard pushed to find a folk music connoisseur who dislikes this one on first listen. Cracker.

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