Weekly Sniffs #001 | Top Tracks of The Week

Friday is the day the we all wait patiently for to get our share of new music - I took a few days off running the site this week but I'm happy to return with a lovely list of tunes that have tickled my fancy today! Here is my inside scoop of tasty tunes. We... Continue Reading →

In Conversation: Callum Pitt Interview

I caught up with another of my favourite finds of the last year or two. Callum Pitt is a ridiculously talented songwriter from Newcastle and it was lovely to chat to him about his musical career so far. I caught his show in London at Paper Dress Vintage - I can safely say, Callum Pitt... Continue Reading →

Michael Baker / Baby Books

Michael Baker's second studio album entitled, 'Salt', was released last month. As we listened through it we stumbled upon a little gem of a thing called 'Baby Books' nestled in the middle of the collection. Baker has been an extremely active artist since 2015 with tons of singles for us to scroll through on his... Continue Reading →


We have featured Callum Pitt on the Sniffer before, with his single 'Slow My Heart Rate Down' making a lasting impression on us. Pitt raises the tempo up a few BPM with his latest single L.Lane which has been released this afternoon. This guy is a mercurial talent and it is no wonder he is... Continue Reading →

Brand New: Callum Pitt – Slow my Heart Rate Down

I have been waiting patiently for a month or so now for the release of this absolutely powerful piece of music so I can show it off to yee all. This was sent to me via his label Kaleidoscope Records & I have had to sit on this post - the tune instantly compelled me.... Continue Reading →

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