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Friday is the day the we all wait patiently for to get our share of new music – I took a few days off running the site this week but I’m happy to return with a lovely list of tunes that have tickled my fancy today! Here is my inside scoop of tasty tunes.

We feature music from Sol Croft / Tomás Mulcahy / Mira Lykke / Tom Byran / Callum Pitt

Tom Bryan / A Caustic Song

Some nice old school ranting from Tom Bryan – I haven’t heard a good oul rant song for a good long while. This song is feckin’ spot on. I don’t need to write much here- this song speaks for itself. The Caustic Song is one of my favourite tunes of 2020 so far. What a fucking year it’s been – this song perfectly depicts a lot of our feelings. I really should have given this song a full feature on it’s own – I might still actually.

Top Class.

Tom Bryan – A Caustic Song

Sol Croft / She’s Falling

Some impressively constructed stuff from Sol Croft here to start us off on our little expedition into the new release radar this evening. His latest single ‘She’s Falling’ has a kind of Arcade Fire-ish sound to it vocally. Croft’s whispering vocals come across lovely against the backdrop of perky guitar notes and a solid bass-line. This is a chilled indie number that really helped me through the early part of the day.

He hails from the New Forest and has honed his craft on the London open mic scene in recent years. A really sound new artist – glad I found him. He is releasing his music in playlist form and has now released his debut playlist on Spotify titled ‘As I found Them‘ – You can listen to that here.

Sol Croft – She’s Falling

Callum Pitt / Out of The Trees

The wonderful Callum Pitt has just released his first single of 2020 titled ‘Out of the Trees‘ and it is predictably brilliant. I have been a mega Callum Pitt fan for about a year now since hearing ‘Slow My Heart Rate Down’ early last summer. This new one operates on the complete opposite end of the scale in terms of tempo and mood. Out of the Trees is a high octane tune with a bouncy indie feel that makes you wanna get up and dance.

Pitt never fails to impress me with his music, he is a high class operator with a big future ahead of him. I was fortunate enough to catch his London gig late last year and am looking forward to seeing him performing again soon.

I did an interview with Callum a few weeks ago – we spoke about lots of things, you can read that here.

Callum Pitt – Out of The Trees

Mira Lykke / Floating

This is some seriously powerful stuff here from Mira Lykke! This Berlin based progressive house act has just hit the nail on the absolute head with ‘Floating‘. This song was so good on first listen that I was forced into calling up my mate Django and playing it to him over the phone while he was working-from-home back in Ireland. He was getting a blast of this whether he liked it or not. This is a juicy house belter – well worth giving this an ear if you have a beating heart and a soul. Mira will make you shuffle around the house with this one.

Love it! (give it a bit of volume and prepare to move around)

Mira Lykke – Floating

Tomás Mulcahy / We Are Children

Irishman Tomás Mulcahy has just released a very subtle and emotive synth based tune called ‘We Are Children‘. I was scrolling through my submissions this morning and just became captivated by the sounds and visuals on this one. This is Mucahy’s ode to the 80’s and a little throwback to his childhood. He creates a really melancholic soundscape through the constantly shimmering layers of synths and the sound of Polish children chanting ‘We are Children’ in their native tongue.

The imagery is superb on the video too – A fine release.

Tomás Mulcahy – We Are Children

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