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Michael Baker‘s second studio album entitled, ‘Salt’, was released last month. As we listened through it we stumbled upon a little gem of a thing called ‘Baby Books‘ nestled in the middle of the collection. Baker has been an extremely active artist since 2015 with tons of singles for us to scroll through on his Spotify account. His latest album has broken mew ground somewhat and was granted funding from the UK Arts Council.

Baby Books‘ is the song that stood out for me here. This song is not dissimilar in style to that of Newcastle based indie act Callum Pitt – a mercurial performer I had the pleasure of witnessing live at Paper Dress Vintage, late last year. ‘Baby Books‘ turned my head, so much so, that I nearly thought I was listening to a brand new Pitt number initially. The comparison doesn’t deter from the fact that this is a stellar track in it’s own right from Baker. The rest of the songs on Baker’s album are a lot more subtle and melancholic. I would also like to take a moment to mention his 2015 single ‘Leaving it All’, its a wonderfully relaxing piece with lovely harmonies.

Michael Baker was due to play a gig at The Finsbury in London on the 30th of March but it was obviously postponed due to corona. I have only been introduced to his music in recent days, luckily enough, I will get a chance to see him at the rescheduled event. Check this song out – it’s fab!

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