EKM.CO: Skrillex B2B Thys (from Noisia) is Finally Available for Streaming!


Written by Eric Robberts ( EKM.CO )

It is rare that two titans of the electronic music world end up doing a DJ set together. Yes, there are plenty of back to backs in nightclub and at festivals, but I’m talking about a back to back between legends. This is exactly what happened in February this year, two mammoths of electronic music, Skrillex and Thys from Noisia, collided for a 3-hour surprise performance at Oost Nightclub in Groningen, Netherlands. Almost two months after the epic night at Oost, the DJ mix finally surfaced and now everyone can enjoy it!

Skrillex, the pioneer of Amercian Dubstep, and Noisia, one of the most respected legends of Drum and Bass (and bass music in general for that matter), joined forces and delivered something pretty unexpected. They both went out of their comfort zone and dropped a DJ set that mingled Bass House, Techno and Tech House flavors. One would have expected a heavy-hitting Dubstep or DnB set, but after listening to the mix, I have to say that we are far from disappointed.

It shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds into the set to understand what kind of energy they are going for. This is the amount of time it took us before being completely hooked. It is upbeat, bass-heavy, wobbly and just straight up intoxicating. If you are a fan of high-energy House music, you are in for a treat.

Here’s what  Thys had to say about the mix on Twitter:

Yesterday was one for the books. 90 minutes set became 3 hours set… Not even surprised. We did end up playing a few dubstep tunes, but mostly techno/electro/breakbeat/house/whatever you call that good stuff at 130 bpm. Thanks Groningen and lovely OOST crew, thanks @Skrillex <3

Enough talking, I will let the music speak for itself! Tune in on Mixcloud below, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a out of control ride into the minds of Skrillex and Noisia.

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