Samuel Nicholson’s ‘Bramblebury Session’ Is Epic.

Throwback to the times where we could all go over to our friends houses and chill out and listen to music. Luckily enough, the kind residents of a house on Bramblebury Road in London managed to record some of their house sessions before we all became totally housebound. Artists that have blessed the screen thus far include Neev, Frankie Morrow and Dan Caleb. Today sees singer/songwriter Samuel Nicholson have a go.

Samuel hails from Edinburgh originally but has been living in London for the last few years. I was first made aware of his music through the aforementioned Neev – who told me that I must check out his stuff. I trust Neev’s judgement and swiftly had a flick through Nicholson’s 2015 debut album ‘If You Be My’. By christ, I was sold, Nicholson’s moody and unique vocal tone had me clicking repeat – especially on the catchy ‘Ballroom‘. The pensively dark instrumental pieces ‘Onerios #1 and #2‘ also were quick to make a telling impact. I spent many an evening walking around my local park with the fluttering guitar work of them two dreamy soundscapes accompanying me. Nicholson not only makes clever folk – his ambient sound textures are wholly impressive. He is a man with supreme talent.

He hasn’t released too much music in recent years but I’m aware he is about to release an LP titled ‘I Still Worry All The Time’, I’m mad excited to hear it. He has been playing acoustic gigs around the city in recent months which included a few appearances at the wonderful Gladstone Arms in Borough – it hosts a music night run by Sam Bowcher that I try to catch when I’m on my travels. I haven’t had the privilege of catching Nicholson live yet but it is on my to-do-list post Corona.

The Bramblebury Sessions welcomed him to their quirky, rugged garden a few weeks ago and the video has just been released on the YouTube this evening. Catch Nicholson playing two of his new tracks and a little interview in the middle – this is just the thing I needed to see on this mundane, action-less, quarantined Sunday. Thanks to all who filmed it. Chilled.

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