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Joe James Lewis

Here is a nice track from Joe James Lewis to perk you all up. Today, I hit a pretty big personal milestone – I finished the draft of my first full ghostwritten autobiography. Over the last six months, I have been compiling this powerful collection of stories from an old school rock and roll musician from London. I spent every Tuesday sitting in his home chatting about his action-packed life on the London music scene back in the 60’s/70’s/80’s. It was the most ambitious project I have ever attempted and it’s finally over the line.

The reason I am sharing this information here is because ‘Days on You‘ was the first song I listened to after completing the book, late last night. I was sent this tune a couple of days ago and wasn’t particularly sure if I liked it or not to begin with. The vocals sounded a little same-y and pop orientated. Normally, I would have scrolled on, but something made me persevere and hang on in. The song opens with a nice LoFi feel to it with an effective use of sampling at the start. It is nice and chill in its progression with Joe James Lewis ‘s vocal smoothly caressing the sound waves. As the song moves forward, the brilliantly simple synth lines just catch hold. The whole thing is so damn easy to listen too – It sent me into a state of blissful happiness.

Between this and Noé Solange’s ‘Nocturnal Lady‘ – my smooth melodic synth quota has been hit this year already. Joe James Lewis is a really under-rated musician – his subtly is quite unique and effectively beautiful, I’d advise you to listen to more of his stuff here.


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