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Coming out of Hackney Wick Studios, we have unearthed a hauntingly peaceful song from downtempo Indie duo Aquilo. This song fell onto my lap via SubmitHub this morning and totally blew me away. After looking through their impressive back catalog and collaborations, it’s utterly bizarre how I had never heard of them until now. In the past, the pair have worked with the likes of SOHN and Ólafur Arnalds. They were signed by Island Records back in 2017 for their debut album ‘Silhouettes‘.

Just Asking is their second single since returning from a two year break. This one follows, the equally as impressive, single ‘Sober‘ that tickled my senses also. Just Asking is one of the most intense, somber and chilled track I’ve come across since quarantine began a few weeks ago. The song is produced by Andrew Sarlo, a Grammy-winning producer and it shows. I have maintained a high sense of joviality in quarantine so far but this song enabled me to take a quick few minutes for myself to reflect. The song gave me the feels that enabled me to chill out. Just Asking is one of them songs to enjoy as you hold a hot mug of tea between both palms whilst staring out the window at the traffic (sadly there still is a lot of traffic on the roads here -#StayFuckingHome)

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I am delighted to have finally found these two talented songwriters. The material Aquilo writes is right up my street – it’s amazing that they blindsided me. I’m a big fan now and will share their music around. They are releasing their next EP soon via AWOL – I wonder if there was some sort of falling out with Island, the industry is brutal!

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