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bad flamingo bad apple

I have been listening to the musical musings of Bad Flamingo for a couple of months now. The superbly chilled duo are back yet again with another high level tune to sooth the pallet this evening. Last Friday they released their latest master-stroke – ‘Bad Apple‘. There hasn’t been a ‘bad apple’ amidst any of their music yet (pardon the horrific wordplay). I caught wind of this new one over the weekend and instantly fell in love, not for the first time either.

I have featured two more of their singles here in recent times, this one follows ‘Open the Gates’ and ‘This House is on Fire’ onto the site. It’s not often I share multiple songs by the same artist but Bad Flamingo are the ultimate exception. Bad Apple is a husky, wild-western sounding lullaby. Banjo’s pluck, whistle’s chirp and the girls kill it on the vocals again. This is a more subtle offering in comparison to the other songs I’ve heard. I’m still totally mad for it.

It still amazes me that these two are not getting widespread attention. They are getting so much praise in the tight-knit music blogging community right now – lets hope they will catch the break they need. I highly recommend Bad Flamingo to anyone who enjoys sweet sounding husk! Have a listen to it below!

Bad Flamingo / Bad Apple

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