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Harrison Kipner

Ah yes. I have had a really interesting, yet productive week. I painted a fence black, finished ghost-writing an autobiography and botched an interview transcription by accident in the middle of it all – really clumsy. It’s understandable that I took a little break today from all this typing and activity. My playlist shuffled through as I sat down on the couch this afternoon and on came a new Harrison Kipner track. I sat and listened through and by the time the final chorus hook played out, I was nearly singing the words back.

This song is non-intrusive – there are no crashing crescendos or bursts of needless energy. This is just a simple, mellow and well executed piece of soft Indie. Kipner has a very clean and smooth vocal throughout that sort of whispers at you. I think this is a very relaxing tune with a catchy and clever chorus. I hadn’t heard of him until a few days ago when I initially spotted this tune. He reminds me of someone, it’s been bugging me, I can’t think of who at the minute. Anyways, what I do know is, ‘My Style’ is definitely a track to zen out too after a busy week.

Really impressive work from Harrison Kipner. He is currently penned in at home churning out bedroom tunes and videos to pass the time. Here are some words from him that I found quite amusing.

Words from Harrison

What’s unique about me right now is the same thing that’s unique about so many of us. We are stuck in our homes and our bedrooms but right at the moment in time where music can be written, produced, mixed, mastered, and distributed all over the world, all from your bedroom. The combination of the technological advancements that allow “at home recording”, trailblazers like Billie Eilish and Finneas who showed us it can be done and received at the highest level, and the unprecedented event of a worldwide virus forcing everyone to stay at home, are what will define our music and our time in history. I’m anxious and I’m at home. Making music makes me feel better and I’m eternally grateful for it, and the opportunity to make it.

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