Absolutely riveting, unique and peculiar stuff here from African rhythm artist Moken Nunga. When I was sent this track a couple of days ago I couldn’t believe my ears! Moken’s unmistakably out-there falsetto flutters brought me right back to the first time I heard ‘Tiptoe through the Tulips’ by Tiny Tim on a Bebo flashbox (remember bebo?) or something along those lines. That famous track intstantly stood out due to it’s ridiculousness. Moken may sound bizarre to many who will hear him but ultimately there is nothing ridiculous about this talented Cameroonian. His music is vibrant, uplifting and put a brimming smile on my face.

I am delighted to be in the loop about his forthcoming releases – ‘Your sun is coming’ – this new work was released on August. The track is simple really in it’s background instrumentation but it packs such an uplifting, charming punch. The free and easy dance moves coupled with the signature warbling falsetto and silky baritone make the video for the upcoming single a much watch.

If you cannot wait until August – Check out the brilliant ‘Yen Nin’ – another new piece from this artist who operates totally in a world of his own. Released on Mood Swing records. Finding artists like this makes this job completely worthwhile – he is a breath of fresh air.

Also, if you have time, check out Moken‘s 2016 album on Spotify for a more comprehensive taste of his style – there are some really interesting dimes thrown in there for your perusal.

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