The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #44

I had my first lazy day in ages today. Sometimes a lazy day is needed, although taking one always has to be done in moderation. Too many lazy days consecutively can result in productivity screeching to a halt and that is a dangerous thing. I woke up at the normal time today but stayed in bed and flicked through SubmitHub submissions for the first time in two months. Life’s intensity of late has meant that my time for blogging has be reduced to near nil, so this lazy day has given me the chance to get back on the horse, so to speak. My two books are finally in production at the printers – what a weekend! Excited for the future.

Here is another ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape. Episode #44 – the first song to be featured, Breaking Point (Marconi Union) is such a beauty.

Marconi Union / Breaking Point

Manchester-based electronic trio Marconi Union set the scene with a track called Breaking Point that is steeped in quality. A track that builds and builds with enchanting acidic tones akin to Jacques Green‘s Fever Focus or Maceo Plex‘s Solar Detroit. Although less focused on the dance-floor than the aforementioned tracks, Breaking Point is suited to accompany moments of solitary reflection, introverted music sessions at home and be featured on your ‘late night commute‘ playlist after a long hard day’s work.

There’s so much electronic music out there with thousands churning out songs daily – but it’s rare to find high grade stuff in the pile. This song from Marconi Union is as high grade as it comes. They have an album called Signals out soon (5th November) – well worth investing in it if you like their sound.

Charlie Bereal / I Need My Money

Lets float back in time now to some soulful, funk feels from American singer Charlie Bereal. I was talking to warner case and he was going through a list of some songs that he said made him feel cool. It made me think. What songs make me feel cool?

As I pondered this concept, I scrolled through my submissions and landed on Charlie’s new one – and…….. this song makes me feel cool. It’s so cool. I Need My Money doesn’t over-complicate itself – a simple instrumental, simple lyrical melodies and feel good rhythm. This song has become the first inductee into my new personal ‘songs that make me cool’ playlist.

Scasca / Migrations

Russian producer Scasca has been featured on The Sound Sniffer before – I’ve been tracking the Saint-Petersburg native’s releases since hearing his unreal debut single ‘Long Distance Call‘ a couple of years ago. A producer with an undoubtedly pure ear for sound, I’m excited to share his newest construction Migrations with you all today.

It’s melancholic and subtle – which isn’t too dissimilar to the music of Bonobo in it’s nature. Loving the live drum patterns within this song – a true showcase of the creative ability Scasca possesses – one of the best breakthrough beat makers I’ve found. Sad he’s only got two songs to enjoy thus far. Looking forward to more.

Al Pride / Sweat Soaked

Ah, it’s another release from Swiss label Radicalis. It must be running into double digits the number of releases I’ve written about coming from this impressive imprint. Al Pride is the latest group to be found within their circle and Sweat Soaked is an instant ear-worm. Some Spaghetti Western styled guitar riffs, a bass-y beat beat and the languid vocal style combine nicely here. It’s a song that just hits the spot and I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t agree that this song is top shelf. I love it and that’s all that matters. Thanks again Radicalis – Thanks all.

Stella Emmett / Can You

This is a sweet one. Sienna actually accepted this submission on SubmitHub but I’ve decided to draft the write up (apologies Sienna for hijacking)

Stella Emmett is a songwriter from New York who makes deliciously LoFi and gravelly indie electronic treats. Can You is a slow burn but as soon as the song develops into a flurry of experimental instrumental pitter patters, I was completely transfixed. Such a smart song, it’s got it’s own unique thing going on which is refreshing to find. Her voice is lush too. I’ll be coming back to it again and again – I tip my hat to it.

Odd Look / Let It Go

Something of a mystery is this one. It’s not uncommon for music producers to choose to remain in the shadows and let the music do the talking without even filling in a bio. This is what happened here in the case of new UK-based producer Odd Look. I know nothing about this guy/girl other than the fact that the music is totally cool. Let It Go has an epic sound doesn’t it? Broody synths matched with atmospheric guitar melodies. I haven’t even got any artwork to go on to accompany this article and I don’t think it’s even reached Spotify yet. One for all the crate diggers looking for underground gold I’m sure. Solid.

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