The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #43

Monday: The day most hate with a passion. It’s the day I love the most. As I work in hospitality as my main career, Monday has always been that much needed day off after a weekend of high octane intensity. There is a certain excitement to a Monday morning as I tend to plan my midweek excursions and activities around this time. I go on Songkick and check for gigs, check the inbox to see if anybody’s around, check the work calendar. No major plans this week, nice and calm. Lots of time for music journalism again.

Ellur / Burn It All Down

Hailing from Halifax, Ellur is a new one on the scene and judging by this hellishly well produced single, she has a huge future ahead of her. Burn It All Down shimmers along with throwback appeal and retro charm. Her voice is pure and the whole thing just sounds like something the major labels would churn out for their major stars. This is the birth of a new UK contemporary artist and it’s a very good early single here. Catchy, Synth-y and Smooth.

Dirty Nice / Paint Your Nails Blue

In the last edition of the mixtape I shared a song called ‘Bumblin‘ by German band KYTES which was described in that article as the happiest song of 2021. The reason I’ve gone off on this tangent is that UK outfit Dirty Nice have also created a track with a totally uplifting sound. Paint Your Nails Blue has popped on in the background shuffle on many occasions recently as I commuted through London on the tube. Each and every time my head automatically nodded in unison, a little smile came to surface and I stared out the window content and enthused. It’s a sweet one.

Louis Jarto / Paper Plane

Some Scandinavian indie/pop now from Swedish songwriter Louis Jarto. Been listening to this track for quite a while and it’s safe to say it’s a grower. Initially I’ll admit, it didn’t quite hit the palate to the extent of getting me off my seat and excited. However, the more the song played out on my rotation I grew to absolutely adore it and on more than one occasion had to take out my phone from my pocket to check the artist as it played. A top song and I love the guitar solo.

Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore / Viberite

It’s been a while since we shared a hiphop styled single on The Sound Sniffer. One such track that hit my ear was Tall Black Guy and Ozay Moore‘s collaboration piece Viberite. The flow is so good throughout this, I get Slick Rick vibes from the languid and laidback rap style. It’s a cool song that makes me feel cool which is always nice as I’m not very cool in reality. Every little helps.

Anton Kling / Miss You

Anton Kling is a producer I’ve been keeping an eye on for the last year or so, his music is so well balanced and listenable. Miss You is his latest single and it’s a very slick and atmospheric dose of downtempo electronic. Close your eyes, turn this song up and prepare to be teleported into Kling’s world and mind. Lots of moving parts and they are all moving methodically and in unison.

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