The Sound Sniffer’s ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape #42

My life has gone totally mad recently which has left a whole host of songs in my queue unshared. I will attempt to catch up on lost time and share a good few of them this afternoon in this edition of the ‘Post’ Lockdown Mixtape.

I’ve been focusing on the logistics of getting some big projects I undertook over lockdown done and dusted and it’s become an all-consuming process. I’ll be delighted when this fortnight of logistical thinking is done and I can focus on the art of actually writing again. It hasn’t been easy in recent weeks and my mind in wandering a bit as a result.

Now, time for some musical therapy to ease the soul and regain some sort of normality again. Welcome to episode #42 of the Lockdown Mixtape.

Tim Shiel / Call Me Back

There’s only one place to begin this episode, it’s with Tim Shiel. This is a proper original track and tailor made for today’s society. ‘Call Me Back‘ is the genius new single from the popular Melbourne producer. The song flicks in and out of various personal voicemail messages. The whole thing is assembled similarly to something Fred Again would create and perhaps echos the sound of the talented Londoner. As soon as I heard this track from Shiel I was captivated. It speaks for the technological times we live in, a time where we are all busy and on our phones. Love it.

maxime. / telephone wires

Now, this is an artist I’ve been following ever since the blog get accepted to be a curator on Submithub. Canadian songwriter maxime. makes quirky and unique stuff and he’s been featured on this site a bunch over the last three years. His latest single telephone wires is high octane, has it’s own thing going on and processes a brilliant whistling sound (listen and you’ll get what I’m on about). Oozing energy and drive, this single is one to get you pumped for a big game or meeting. Top.

Joakim Daal / Shelter

Joakim Daal is a New Yorker living in Helsinki who is making extremely high-brow tunes. Shelter is his debut single which surfaced a couple of weeks ago. I had the pleasure of receiving this track a couple of weeks prior to it’s release and by god, I didn’t half over-play it. Every time my laptop came alive, this song was emitting through its speakers. I was obsessed with it a few weeks ago and still am so hooked. Joakim is one to watch and this is a delicate and thought provoking debut.

Uèle Lamore / The First Tree

Sometimes music is just absolutely beautiful and needs no introduction – Uèle Lamore’s new single ‘The First Tree’ (feat. Gracy Hopkins) and the visuals that go alongside it just cast you in it’s web of intensity. I was feeling dreadful one of the days last week and just gazed into this music video and took in the soundscape, my worries temporarily vanished as I became captured within its beauty. Uèle is a highly regarded Franco-American musician and her music is special.

KYTES / Bumblin

German group KYTES have released 2021’s happiest track. In a year where we need a little extra incentive to smile than usual, Bumblin comes to our aid. This track is so happy. Uplifting whistles everywhere and a feel good motto. Never heard of KYTES before hearing this single but totally obsessed now. I sent this track around to loads of people when I first came across it, it’s very shareable and endearing – and ridiculously jolly.

Young & Sick / Brother

We stop off in The Netherlands for our next experimental electronic offering. Young & Sick have just released a new album titled Brother and this is it’s title track. An alias consisting Nick Van Hofwegen, this guy has quite the polished and assured sound. Brother fuses R & B ideas with some eclectic electronic moments to create a pretty entertaining listen. Can’t fault the work here and will be sure to check out the album in its entirety off the back of hearing this one.

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