Grey McMurray – Wanting Ways

NYC is the next stop and we meet the respected singer, guitarist and producer Grey Mcmurray. This is a man who has worked as an accomplished sideman to some of the best in the business throughout his shimmering career to date – three artists I adore included in the illustrious list, Gil-Scott Heron and The Velvet Underground’s John Cale and the brainchild behind Battles, Tyondai Braxton. In September, Grey will release his first solo album Stay Up via Figureight Records on September 20th this calendar year. His solo work is thought provoking and fresh sounding – hence why we have singled the teaser single ‘Wanting Ways’ for a special feature today.

In a sea of submissions, the subtle guitar and gentle kick that accompanies Grey’s soft, clear and effortless tenor, stopped me in my tracks and my ears pricked up instantly. Years ago I loved listening to the experimental folk escapades of North Carolina’s ‘Bowerbirds’. The thing that caught my attention with them was Philip Moore’s silky smooth singing voice, it just had a calming effect on me whenever I cracked on one of their tunes. ‘Wanting Ways’ evokes that same calm for me, Grey’s vocal has the same chilled out tone in my opinion, which is something that really appeals. The simple three note guitar riff that flows through this is quite blissful actually. Grey Mcmurray has his own unique sound and I am a big fan.

The subtle skill of his guitar playing is what has made him such a valuable commodity on the New York scene, this album is already a must for me and I suspect many more music lovers will be awaiting its September release too. This is most certainly my pick of the week, I hope you all enjoy it too.

If you are looking for more of his work, check out his other projects, Tongues on Trees and itsnotyouitsme.

(Please click the bandcamp link below to hear the track)

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