Seabiscuit – String Rush

This is one hell of a find here – a rolling beat, atmospheric guitar riffs aplenty and suspenseful build ups – Swedish Lo-Fi rock outfit Seabiscuit have tickled our fancy with their wonderfully impactful new single ‘String Rush’ blaring through the speakers this afternoon. This captivating sound is the work of this talented Gothenburg based band who excitingly, have just signed with aptly named independent shoe-gaze label Black Hair Records in April. Things are on the up for these lads.

String Rush is a single that impresses me in it’s forceful rolling nature – this track would be perfect for any movie curators and it is almost in the same musical category as DeVotchKa and Northern Irish guitar heavy act ASIWYFA. This is heavier than the aforementioned DeVotchKa, yet I can see the potential for using the sounds of Seabiscuit in soundtracks as it carries a very edgy and powerful message. I can only imagine the thrill of seeing these guys bash out the track live – I have a soft spot for this style of instrumental rock and would love to take in a live performance where and when this crew head over here to London. The texture of the synth is this one are almost like UK band Muse in nature, it all sounds very swell.

Check out this impressive opening release below. This is most definitely a cinematic instrumental, don’t be surprised to hear some of their work being featured on the big screen in 0future years. I love this.

The debut Album arrives August 15th.

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