Belaver – Doer

Experimental folk here from American artist Belaver , the solo alias of singer B.E Godfrey. Here, we hone in on the third track from his latest album ‘True Love of Crime’ – the track in question is Doer and we are listening intently. There is something very unique at play here from this fella, who draws his musical inspiration from the likes of David Bowie and Neil Young (Two of my father’s favourites). Maybe I have been drawn in by the fact that Young and Bowie were always blaring in the kitchen at home throughout my childhood and that Belaver’s sound touched upon that association. Whatever drew me to this, I’m glad it did, the album itself is a very very good listen.

Doer is a slow paced track with interesting bubbly guitar playing accompanying the methodical, natural vocals. It really is that lovely guitar riff that stands out from the outset – the guitar is a focal point for sure. The song is structured in a strange way with the key change in the bridge taking the song off road briefly – but it is all effective in it’s execution. There are no huge crescendos towards the end to ruin it too – it is simple and pleasant on the ear. Big respect Mr Godfrey.

This guy is currently gigging around and you can catch his next gig on the 21st of June (Tomorrow) @ Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn. This is certainly a call to throw a listen towards this album – it’s a good’un.

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