Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners – Subliming (Album)

Absolutely stunning stuff here from Colorado four piece Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners who have just released their quite lovely third album ‘Subliming’ today. The is one hell of an accomplished gathering of tracks! The opening song Wet Socks is a total weapon of a thing. I have been lucky in recent times to be immersed in quality new music and this album certainly ranks very highly in my current estimations. The band consists of four crucial elements – Mitch Cutts, Nic Haughn, Jakob Ervin and Ryan Lavallee – these four have a fantastic chemistry going on, I’m jealous.

The album is not to be overlooked, there are a couple of other gems thrown in the mix too. A song that stood out to me straight away as I perused was ‘Bins’ which brought me back to my days observing a band called ‘Rudy Trixx’ who hailed from Galway, Ireland a little while ago, they held a similar mellow style to this track – sadly the band has since disbanded to my complete anguish. Richy Mitch & Co are filling the void ‘Rudy Trixx’ left, I’m all for that. Bins is a brilliantly listenable track for all who love chilled out indie rock. Nothing mad going on, just pure background vibes. Slick.

The demo track ‘Aimless’ is another shining light from this short new album, which shimmers away with subtle toots from a harmonica blending perfectly with a classy laidback guitar riff. These guys can play – beautiful stuff to be honest. The album is calculated, melancholy and shoe-gazey throughout. We then arrive at the title track that begins in their trademark languid easy on the ear style, with the vocals shining bright. I struggle to come up with any criticisms thus far, the crescendo powers through towards the end of the track and it is all very structured and complete. This will be received very well by critics.

The album finishes out with the aptly names ‘End’ which takes us to the climax of this thirty minute collection and leaves us hoping for more. I will certainly be purchasing this album for the personal stash and listening in again. Well done boys, top drawer sound.

Don’t get me started on the piano led single ‘St Paul’. Class outfit – come to London lads.

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