Daddy Nat – Nineteen

The sun has finally reached us here in London – has the summer now arrived? Heres hoping. To celebrate the sun we have dug out a perfect song to accompany the heat, a song ideal for blaring at the casual Saturday BBQ. Austin, Texas based music maker Daddy Nat has just released his debut offering and it is a summertime pop masterclass. ‘Nineteen‘ is most definitely my go to song today as I break out the shorts and t-shirt for the first time in months.

The track certainly skirts on the experimental, with the opening distorted vocals bordering on the bizzare, nothing wrong with that. The selling point comes quite early on, the chorus is one of the most catchy I have heard all year! I mean, what a belting chorus – the vocal hook, that beatwork – it’s classy and completely radio friendly. This is one of those hooks you think you have heard before on first listen but cannot place it. Nat has struck gold here.

The most exciting thing about Daddy Nat is that there are going to be some potentially huge releases coming. He has a pretty cool YouTube channel called Side Hustle (Link underneath) which covers various insightful industry topics and offers a sneak peak into how he uses Ableton to create his tracks from scratch. This fella has been making music for over a decade now and I am genuinely really excited to hear what will be released next – I have a strong feeling Nineteen is just the tip of the iceberg here.

Remember the name – something pretty damn exciting is going to come out of this guys musical brain sooner rather than later. Check out his LoFi track on his ableton tutorial – I would love to get my mits on it now!!

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