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The Sound Sniffer is one of London’s newest independent gig bookers. They host shows in prestigious venues such as St Pancras Old Church and Peckham Audio and showcases in grassroots venues like The Finsbury and Fox & Firkin.

Artists We’ve booked

Ted Jasper // lavender // Lawrence Hart // Peter and Kerry // Jackson Mathod // fika // Lake Turner // Vaarwell // Steven Weston // Alex Francis // Someone // Emmélin // Adibanti // Joe Turner // Willah // Oma Nata // Elsa Hewitt // Samuel Nicholson // Route 500 // Noé Solange // ROJAZ // Simeon Rodgers // Joeri Pronk // Grass Temple // Shafkkat // Otus // Kongodoom // + many more.

Venues We Book In


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Our 2022 Event Posters — by Javaid Haujee

Community Sessions

The Sound Sniffer’s regular London showcases raising funds for the homeless

The idea of Community Sessions was hatched by Kevin in the summer of 2021, based on the success of ‘The Ruby Sessions’ in his homeland of Dublin. The gig night is not for profit, all artists performing are paid and every attendee is encouraged to donate a small cash donation to the events chosen charity on the night. The gig take place twice monthly (1st and 3rd Sunday of every month) in the wonderful music room at The Finsbury in Manor House.

The first ever gig (Community #1) went ahead on Sunday September 19th 2021.

All cash raised at the gigs goes to ‘All People All Places‘ – a local homeless charity doing great work in North London.

Read an article Kevin wrote about the project’s origins below: 

Artists who have performed at Community Sessions 

Luke De-Sciscio //  Elsa Hewitt // Marie Naffah // Lily Lyons // Noé Solange // ROJAZ // HEIGHTS // Frankie Morrow // Neev // George David // Yescene // Celine Love // Alex Bayly // Urchin // Tom Pointer // Strama // Yijia Tu // Sol Paradise // Wassailer // DG Solaris // Ella Clayton // Will Pope // Daisy Woollard // Almahata// The Birthday Letters // Alexander Carson // Kitty Perrin // Sheiva // Morgan Rickman // Porteous // Joy Nkoyo // Ross K // Emmélin // Alex Cambridge // Yazmyn Hendrix // Divianne // Delfina Mancardo // Ash Bates // Tabby Barbera // Yvonne Hercules // Ahana // Clara Pople // Mikhael Aloufa // I.M the artist // The Halfway Kid // Emmi Maaria // Growing Boi // Winnipeg, MN // Darcey Salt // Nora Anna // Nick Byrne // SiFi Nilsson // Erawan // Izzie Yardley // Apidae // Try Happy// Rachel Hill // Margarita Helene // Kmodo // Cat Reynolds // Hydreamia // Phil Maguire

Photos of our 2022 shows — by Stefano Della Salda (+Anna)

About ‘The Sound Sniffer’

The Sound Sniffer is a one-man music blog which is still only a baby – Founded by Kevin Coakley in early 2019. He is a music writer and ghostwriter. ‘The Sound Sniffer’ also runs gigs and showcases in London since Oct 2019.

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