Introducing Shire T : One Half of Maribou State Going Solo.

Hertfordshire is a great place. A little green version of myself moved over to the leafy pastures of this county back in 2015. Back then, I didn’t really have a bull’s notion what life was all about or what to be at with myself. Fast forward six years and I still haven’t completely nailed it, but I’m much closer now. In Hertfordshire, we’ve got good city links to London town, there’s countryside aplenty and to top it off, Maribou State are from here. Finally, the crux of where this article is going.

Back in 2015, Maribou State’s ‘Portraits’ album appeared out of the blue and became a crucial accompaniment to everything I did that year. Ten songs that ticked every box I’ve ever known or wished for. If asked about my favourite all time albums, ‘Portraits’ would always get a lofty mention and forever will. It was new, these guys were making new sounding music. Clinks, clanks and bleeps and blops – in a pattern nobody had assembled before them. Now one of them is going solo.

Last night I came across a new Maribou-like creation – London. Paris. Berlin.. It appeared somewhere on a release radar and an instant Maribou relapse occurred. Before I ended up back in the midst of Portraits again, I had a couple of listens to this new one. It was from an alias called Shire T – which turns out to be Chris Davids from Maribou. It’s totally cool.

London. Paris. Berlin. embodies everything that Maribou have mastered together. The catchy keys, the trademark glitchy vocals and the bleeps which always send the listener to a euphoric place.

Some of the other tracks Davids has released under the new moniker (Blue Kiss and Full Attention) come across far heavier on the garage and acid side respectively and had me quickly searching for sanctuary elsewhere. But London. Paris. Berlin. is the absolute nuts.

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