Sol Paradise is an artist to keep an eye on – Listen to ‘Is it Mutual’ here.

Sienna again, back with yet another fresh release this week! What a treat – still floating over here in the indie folk atmosphere, today we’re talking about British artist Sol Paradise and his newest track Is it Mutual. This one has so many things that I absolutely love to hear in a song; cool, mellow vocals, a killer instrumental break, a catchy chorus, and a vibe I want to dance around to. The thing that drew me in with this tune was the complexity of the instrumentals,
completely a unique blend of multiple genres (indie folk, pop, a bit of jazz thrown in), but it doesn’t take anything away from the song as a whole – everything compliments and pairs to create something great – and that’s no easy feat.

You can truly hear the amount of work that went into creating this song, it hails influence from older, smoother tunes and then counteracts it with a modern, digital sound seconds later, all without creating disruption and keeping the flow. It’s honestly that the more you listen, the more you notice. A true testament to great production.

Sol Paradise is no stranger to the music scene though, with this experience no doubt coming from his vast discography for the short time he’s been active. Only releasing his first single No Doubt in 2020, he has put out 3 more since as well as his first EP most recently– which includes Is it Mutual. Throughout his tracks you can definitely hear growth, which can only mean he’s only going to get better and better with time. So you heard it here first, one to keep your eye on.

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