The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape #29

The importance of a routine is so underestimated. Since arriving back in the UK again last month, life has been going okay to be fair. In times gone by I would waste plenty of time pondering what the magic formula for this was, but I don’t need to, it is abundantly clear that the reason for this upturn in mood is due to a structured routine. I am back in my old routine again after Covid.

Obviously, in saying this, I’m not out on the street hugging strangers and flaunting the rules – but life has gone back to a form of itself again. As a result, new music is now being enjoyed rather than endured, close friends are being chatted to again and general optimism has returned. While all the positivity is coursing through my veins, here is episode twenty nine of The Lockdown Mixtape.

Vaarwell / Consume

It’s not quite in keeping with my jovial Wednesday morning mood but our first track of this mixtape comes from Portugese, London-based duo Vaarwell. Consume is a pensive sounding dose of indietronica that boasts a collection of inspiring lyrical messages throughout, all aimed at encouraging self-growth. A really strong outfit here with a mature and well crafted sound – this isn’t just some clinks and clanks thrown together in a bedroom, these two are high class operators. Love the texture of this one. A nice start to the mixtape me thinks.

Daddy Nat / Sippin’

When I first started this blog properly in 2019, Daddy Nat was one of the first musicians I stumbled upon. I had just entered the world of SubmitHub that week and glanced at the screen to find his debut single 1night sitting in the cache. It was the first submission that warranted an instant re-listen, then another… I had found my place, my space, my calling that week. Since then, I’ve been keeping up-to-date with Nat’s progress and for a period, was watching the insightful video content he was creating for his ‘Side Hustle’ YouTube channel. This guy is super dedicated to music and promoting his music – his channel is a highly valuable resource for any musicians starting off their journey, trust me on that. Anyways, here is a recent single of his that caught my ear – It’s called Sippin‘ and it’s flippin’ good.

Bad Tuner / Sourire

This review was meant to be drafted around six months ago – what am I at? Bad Tuner is one of NYC’s finest emerging producers. His music has its own unique stamp and watermark which is hellishly impressive in a world where it’s difficult for music makers to forge their own sound. It was the Outlaw Ocean Project that pushed me towards the music of Bad Tuner and I haven’t stopped since. This minimal, yet wholesome single, Sourire, is yet another example of the meticulous talent this guy possesses. It’s hard not to chill out to the music he churns out – his use of interesting vocal snippets is unrivalled in my book.

Last year, I did a little interview with the main man himself and you can find that here.

Takar Nabam / ‘Quiet’ a Story

There have been more submissions to the blog from Indian musicians than ever before in recent weeks. Considering the tragic times the nation is going through, it’s refreshing to see the arts still thriving in some form. Arunachal Pradesh native Takar Nabam graces the blog today with his new single, ‘Quiet’ a Story. It’s a well written and pleasant experience. A talented songwriter, Nabam blends Western influences with Eastern Himalayan folk touches to create his universally appealing sound. Well respected in his homeland, Takar is hoping to take his music and it’s message further afield. Praying for India 🙂

Tyde / Things We Used To Do

Here is something sent in by Majestic Casual – you know, that channel where pretty much all the chilled electronic music lived for the last decade. Their latest label release is UK producer Tyde and his absolutely magical, high-octane production Things We Used To Do. It’s always worth listening to anything that comes from the ‘Casual imprint but this one tops the lot. I listened to this on the train into London last week and I reckon I walked from the train doors, through the ticket turnstile and out of the station in around ten seconds. The song had me going ninety!

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