Jennifer Burke’s Ode to Spring | Ep. 02

‘Where words fail, music speaks.’ An apt quote from Hans Christian Anderson for how I’ve felt this week. Motivation for work has been low, as like I’m sure everyone is feeling – I’d rather be out in the sun. I’ve found any excuse to go outside and frolic, however briefly in the glorious weather that will no doubt be fleeting, parading around with an iced coffee and not a care in the world. But there have been some great songs that have wrenched me from my apathy…

E-Swerve – BLESSED ft Nathan-Paul.

I find instrumentals the best genre of music to listen to when I’m studying or meditating. The blank canvas they set for your imagination is dream-like and interpretations are free, there are no lyrics that you have to adhere to, just whatever you want or need it to be at that time. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio E-Swerve grabbed my attention with this, jazzy, ambient track that I immediately fell in love with. The charming combination of brass instruments with a hip-hip beat is executed beautifully – I could listen to this all day!

Sovirez – Stadium Heights.

What a better genre to celebrate the sun with than Funk?! This up-beat, soulful track is exactly what I want to listen to walking around on a bright day. Pronounced So-Vee-Rez, this four-piece soul band from Scotland captured my ear with smoky, smooth vocals and excellent melodies.

Berj – together forever.

Lebanon, Beirut is where skilful producer berj hails from. I enjoyed the J-Dilla feel to this. The soulful vocals throughout this song turn it into an ambient dream – it’s both relaxing and upbeat enough to suit for either a night or day vibe. 

Sam Tompkins – My Brother

This was probably my favourite track of the week as I found myself singing the chorus in the shower a lot. From Brighton, Sam Tompkins has such a unique and soulful voice that hits a multitude of ranges throughout the track. I enjoyed the lyrics which are deep and emotional combined with an upbeat chorus that works perfectly for a fine equilibrium of sentiment and the need to dance. The video too is really well done and conveys the story beautifully.

-About The Author- 

Jennifer Burke is a London based script writer who creates satirical and real life dramas perfectly suited for television and the stage. She has honed her writing over the years forging features for Whytt Magazine and concentrating on her own written projects. Jennifer and Kevin met at a writing workshop spearheaded by poet Nathaniel Joseph Mcauley at The Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith in February 2022. Jennifer is now in charge of The Sound Sniffer’s submissions inbox and creates a weekly round-up of her favourite finds. 

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The Sound Sniffer is a music blog that’s still only a baby – Founded in early 2019 by Kevin Coakley, a music writer and ghostwriter. ‘The Sound Sniffer’ also runs gigs and showcases in London since Oct 2019. The showcases are picked from artists found in the blog’s submission inbox.

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