Introducing Jagama, A genre-splitting new group for lovers of high tariff intensity

London’s finest new generation saxophone player Gabriele Pribetti presents a Holy Trinity of modern jazz and electronic music alongside Jamie Murray on drums and Max O’Donnell on bass – together, they go by the name Jagama. The group combine outstanding musicianship with swooshing, intensive electronics. The cosmic trio offers listeners a wonderful cacophony of genres and a true fusion of classical and modern techniques. Their opening EP is an incredible display of this with the broody track ‘Cosmo’ taking the listener on a psychedelic journey through light, classical sounds and crushing electronic beats. High tariff stuff.

Their music is not for the faint hearted – it is a true experience of masterful technique and irresistible foot tapping sounds. Each track is unique in their own expression of emotion but all share the same intensity and hypnotic feel. Their debut EP is available on all platforms now and is one not to miss for music lovers craving an injection of pure intensity into their souls.

Three of the most respected musicians in the country, this project gives their creativity further chance to blossom and broaden.

Stream the full debut EP HERE

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Jennifer Burke is a London based script writer who creates satirical and real life dramas perfectly suited for television and the stage. She has honed her writing over the years forging features for Whytt Magazine and concentrating on her own written projects. Jennifer and Kevin met at a writing workshop spearheaded by poet Nathaniel Joseph Mcauley at The Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith in February 2022. Jennifer is now in charge of The Sound Sniffer’s submissions inbox and creates a weekly round-up of her favourite finds + more. 

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