The Outlaw Ocean Music Project | A Crossover between Music and Journalism

An Introduction to 'The Outlaw Ocean Music Project' Written by Kevin Coakley A collection of music collaborations born from the field recordings gathered by one of the world's leading investigative journalists. Surfacing just before the life-altering lockdown hit in March, the early murmurings of a new exciting project were beginning to emerge over in Washington.... Continue Reading →

In Conversation: Callum Pitt Interview

I caught up with another of my favourite finds of the last year or two. Callum Pitt is a ridiculously talented songwriter from Newcastle and it was lovely to chat to him about his musical career so far. I caught his show in London at Paper Dress Vintage - I can safely say, Callum Pitt... Continue Reading →

In Conversation: LANKS Interview

Last week I had the chance to conduct an interview with Australian artist LANKS. Will Cuming is an Australian musician of the highest calibre. He is the man responsible for the LANKS project I have spent many hours listening to in recent years. He is also releasing acoustic music under the alias of Lindsay and... Continue Reading →

In Conversation: Quinn Christopherson Interview

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting to Anchorage, Alaska native Quinn Christopherson! He is one of my favourite new musicians and it was a really exciting thing to catch up with him (albeit virtually, over Skype). It was the deep impacting 'Raedeen' single that put me onto his sound initially and I knew... Continue Reading →

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