Adam Port & Stereo MCs – Changes (Adam Port Remix)

Changes are a coming! Ain't no true religion except the one you live. If somebody ain't giving, something's gotta give. And boy does Port give it his all for this bellllter! Port has an eclectic style in which he brings to his productions and his DJ-sets. What Adam Port is laying his hands on might... Continue Reading →

Xique-Xique – Apnee

Slow- Lethargic- Mellow : Sao Paolo's 'Xique-Xique's composition is the perfect shoe-gazer! Not every song can be 1200BPM - Slow it down: Take a Breather: Enjoy five minutes of Xique-Xique this afternoon. Ripped from his 2006  'Xaxoeira' EP through 'Kontor'. This is pure chilled out stuff - Melancholy.  

O’Flynn- Desmond’s Empire

I had the pleasure of catching 'O'Flynn' belting out a superb 4 hour set last night in 'Phonox-Brixton'. The man is pure filth, mixing tribal-techno-Experimental styles together to create a rich and complete journey of captivating sounds. Ninja Tune sure know the right artists to sign- I do not know if 'O'Flynn' has an Irish... Continue Reading →

Andhim – Huso ( Bakery Remix)

We are sitting at the table playing poker and discussing remixes and 'Bakery' is holding the absolute nuts. The remix of 2018 so far has landed! 'Bakery' baking some dough with plenty of bass and some fantastic melodic toppings. Using a very 'Nicolas Jaar'-ish sound- This mix tickles the right boxes! A piece of art! Brooooooding!!... Continue Reading →

Shishapangma – Simon Fisher Turner

Imagine yourself at the basecamp of a passage. Prepping your ears for a peaceful hike as this pleasant yet demanding journey starts. The synths pushing you along the wonderful notes of mountainous calibre. Simon Fisher Turner produces a number here that even the most radical monk would synchronise his yin and yang to. Sensei would... Continue Reading →

DJ Metatron – oh ah

  German Dj metatron with an inspired arpeggio riddled belter here. Hailing from ‘traumprinz’, this is a floor destroyer! Fire in the booth!

George FitzGerald & Bonobo – Outgrown

  Don't you just love when your two favorite artists release a collaboration!! British heros Bonobo and George FitzGerald have just released 'Outgrown' from their upcoming 'All that must be' record- released March 9th on 'Domino'. Two of the best live performers teaming up here- Exciting stuff. Check out Outgrown below. Enjoy.

KeineMusik – Muye

Three absolute beauties in one act! 'Keinemusik' consists of Rampa- Adam Port - &me and we love their stuff. This minimal tune is stunningly wonderful - Definitely the Sniff of the Day.

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