El Búho – Cumbia De Tototl

Slow and methodical this El Búho release is quite simply delicious! Slow BPM - Repetitive but still engaging and current. This is the kind of song that will put you in a state of trance. Very very Chill. It's like meditation music after a long days work.       --Yes-- https://open.spotify.com/track/2TFVi9eqzRrQyqJQVWHk1P

Lanks – Holla

Absolute tunes from Lanks. His ‘settle down’ track was the inspiration in finding him- A real class musician- it’s a surprise how it’s taken him so long to break through. This guy is the real deal - Holla is a peculiar one, very original like most of his catalogue! If you haven’t seen his outrageously... Continue Reading →

Blackbird Blackbird – Hearts

As flake as it gets here from San Francisco’s Mickey Maramag. The Sound is not dissimilar too that of ‘Weekend Wolves’ and ‘Flume’(sleepless) : This atmospheric texture rich synth style has been heard before but ‘Hearts’ is a very powerful dreamlike attempt. Check this out! We love it- hats off! https://youtu.be/YZCJkWA3lMc  

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