Under – Flashback [TheSoundSniffer]

We created an quick abstract video to accommodate a tune that 'Under' gratefully allowed us to release as part of our upcoming projects. The tune is a fine body of work in the french electronic mould. Feelings of Nostalgia come to mind when listening to the song and we tried to match the joyous, yet... Continue Reading →

Freshest Find: Sukha EP Released Today

London Based producer Niall Williams is on the cusp of something exciting. His maiden EP 'Small Talk' has just surfaced today and it's sounding hella fine! A new kid on the block and he is showing great promise. Check out the EP Below. https://open.spotify.com/album/1HevjFmgmhZZgcMfsYZXgg?si=t-r7Zsh4QLK44ktpbaFWDQ

Lanks – Holla

Absolute tunes from Lanks. His ‘settle down’ track was the inspiration in finding him- A real class musician- it’s a surprise how it’s taken him so long to break through. This guy is the real deal - Holla is a peculiar one, very original like most of his catalogue! If you haven’t seen his outrageously... Continue Reading →

Blackbird Blackbird – Hearts

As flake as it gets here from San Francisco’s Mickey Maramag. The Sound is not dissimilar too that of ‘Weekend Wolves’ and ‘Flume’(sleepless) : This atmospheric texture rich synth style has been heard before but ‘Hearts’ is a very powerful dreamlike attempt. Check this out! We love it- hats off! https://youtu.be/YZCJkWA3lMc  

Adam Port & Stereo MCs – Changes (Adam Port Remix)

Changes are a coming! Ain't no true religion except the one you live. If somebody ain't giving, something's gotta give. And boy does Port give it his all for this bellllter! Port has an eclectic style in which he brings to his productions and his DJ-sets. What Adam Port is laying his hands on might... Continue Reading →

Rodriguez Jr. – Monticello

A slightly heavier number with subtle,cosy and soft infused sounds chirping away. A song with a superb rolling melody, this is one of those morning after-party songs where everyone is exhausted and looks towards each other with a reminiscent smile and nod. This tune doesn't have any needless annoying crashing crescendos so it sits pretty... Continue Reading →

O’Flynn- Desmond’s Empire

I had the pleasure of catching 'O'Flynn' belting out a superb 4 hour set last night in 'Phonox-Brixton'. The man is pure filth, mixing tribal-techno-Experimental styles together to create a rich and complete journey of captivating sounds. Ninja Tune sure know the right artists to sign- I do not know if 'O'Flynn' has an Irish... Continue Reading →

Andhim – Huso ( Bakery Remix)

We are sitting at the table playing poker and discussing remixes and 'Bakery' is holding the absolute nuts. The remix of 2018 so far has landed! 'Bakery' baking some dough with plenty of bass and some fantastic melodic toppings. Using a very 'Nicolas Jaar'-ish sound- This mix tickles the right boxes! A piece of art! Brooooooding!!... Continue Reading →

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