TADGH – Soup

A tasty little number from Irish musician Shane ‘TADGH’ Nolan here released on TADGH Records. The man and his band have fierce talent and are searching for an avenue to push their music to a broader audience. This tune is ambient and extremely well written and performed. Nolan’s voice always has had the ability to... Continue Reading →


New music coming out of Dublin here from Irish lads INSIDEAWAVE. A new five piece group with a nice oul indie folk sound. Lovely harmonies - A strong lead vocalist and an accomplished structure are on show here in 'Enough'; we are looking forward to more of the same in the coming months from this... Continue Reading →

Biig Piig – Flirt

  New release from Jess AKA Biig Piig from her upcoming EP. Soft, chill and meaningful as always. Big big future! Catch her vibing out in ElectroWerkz London on 17th April. Keep scheming, keep humble! Fresh Fresh! https://open.spotify.com/track/2rFt3ufd8XVsueP5IvnUS5?si=mbIwyGekRge70b1PJjgaaQ  

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