Lake Turner – 1990 (Edit)

This London producer is a well connected figure in the city's vibrant music industry. Turner has lurked around the likes of 'Foals' and 'Underworld' in the studio behind the scenes. He is now crawling out from the underworld himself and '1990' is a wonderfully atmospheric snippet of his exciting upcoming works. We found this song... Continue Reading →

Barbarossa – Broken Beauty

London based Jame Mathé's solo project 'Barbarossa' has been on the go since 2005. He spent a lot of time working with Swedish singer/songwriter Jose Gonzalez and this influence is apparent in his songs. A very accomplished multi-instrumentalist - his productions are always a nice mix of folk/hiphop/electric which intrigue us whenever a new release... Continue Reading →

Lanks – Holla

Absolute tunes from Lanks. His ‘settle down’ track was the inspiration in finding him- A real class musician- it’s a surprise how it’s taken him so long to break through. This guy is the real deal - Holla is a peculiar one, very original like most of his catalogue! If you haven’t seen his outrageously... Continue Reading →

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