[Sniffer Favorites #002]: Rico Puestel- Savanguard

In 'SnifferFavs' over the next while we will write about 10 albums that have interested us in the last few years ( Biased Review Alert 🙂 ). Rico Puestel is a German producer, live-act and DJ. Born in 1986, he generated an early love for music and became a multi-instrumentalist as he grew up in... Continue Reading →

Sieeben Acht – Crank That S**t Up

An artist from the land of mystery here in the form of  'Sieeben Acht' - This fella/lassie has absolutely nothing in regards to information about him/her on the web. All we have are two releases on Spotify under the alias.. 'Crank That S**t Up' is a sick slow burning tune with a fantastic atmospheric depth... Continue Reading →

Yotam Avni – Midas Touch

Tel Aviv's cherished house and techno lovechild Yotam Avni hits the nail on the head yet again with his latest EP 'Mabruk'. Avni's style is unique - using traditional Moroccan vocals in both 'Midas Touch' and 'Jorniel'. Ever since I heard 'This is How'; Avni has always been of interest. This song released in late... Continue Reading →

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