Sniff of the day: Local Natives- Jellyfish

Taylor Rice has a vocal style that usually would irritate me, but his voice is distinguishable and always makes me think back to the wonderful ‘Wide Eyes’ track in 2010. American Indie outfit ‘Local Natives’ have some fantastic hooky songs in their latest release ‘Sunlit Youth’, songs like ‘Mother Emanuel‘ and ‘Coins‘ are such songs that slot instantly into mind. The singles released were growers but it is ‘Jellyfish‘ that caught my interest straight away as I took in the album. The intense opening beat slapping with a sense of urgency – the subtle, chirpy yet dark piano notes and the drone of Rice’s vocal, You know instantly that this is a song worth listening to. The bass melody and arpeggios fluttering up and down from the synths, cement the intensity. This is our sniff of the day. Enjoy.

Pity it’s only 2:50 long.local-natives-sunlit-youth

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