Ollie Chanin – At Home During The Day

Brooklyn’s Ollie Chanin with a very dapper piece of electronic soul and R&B here that has really left it’s mark on us here in London. I had never heard of this guy a couple of days ago but since discovering his unique blend of funky urban music I have been putting his stuff on repeat. At Home During The Day is a quality addition to any playlist and has been a real treat for me personally.

Chanin built his early music career as a jazz-trained bassist and it’s this sublime knowledge of bass work that shines brightly in this pretty classy track from his debut full length album ‘Rain In My House’. With strong influence coming from a love of traveling through countries in South America, Europe and North Africa, he has built a style that is stand alone, not many artists have this kind of strikingly fresh sound. The track itself starts off with pretty peculiar lyrics early on to be honest as he jives about the neighborhood goings-on outside the bedroom window. If you are not listening intently you will not hear the poignancy of the words – he is a great lyricist actually – the point of the tune is to document his feelings of life living in the mega bustling New York and the anonymous nature of living in a global city.

Living in London, these lyrics resonate with me a little too. ‘Searching for your voice’ in the rat race is always difficult and at the end of the day family life is the only wealth. I’m impressed with the lyricism and execution of this one – poignant.

Great lyrics

A lot of popular music these days has bypassed the importance of good lyrics and this has certainly been a real nice surprise. The album on a whole is a great listen and we wish the best of wishes to Ollie and his team with this one. The album sounds like a mush between modern hiphop vibes and the folky James Vincent McMorrow. We like Ollie Chanin!


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