Electronic Music Genre| Crate Digging #09

Over the last week or two I have been busy scrolling through endless submissions on Submithub in search of suitable tunes to add into this feature. As I keep repeating, the electronic crate dig is my favourite feature on this site and I absolutely adore downtempo electronic music. It’s with great pride that I share this weeks edition with you all.

Featuring music from Yescene / A Funk Odyssey / Pretty Drama & Bankii / Mike Forst / Serge Bulat

A Funk Odyssey / Flames

I start off today’s list with a brilliantly melancholic piece from Italian production duo A Funk Odyssey. Upon listening to Flames for the first time, I decided it was good enough to share with my trusty Dutch electronic music specialist friend Luuc (Ludique, Murakumo) via Whatsapp. His reply was short, snappy and to the point after I sent him a few tracks to peruse- ‘I like Flames’. If this song gets Luuc’s seal of approval – my initial thoughts were correct. This is indeed a brilliant track.

A Funk Odyssey – Flames

Mike Forst / Unexpected

I featured Mike Forst a few months ago too – his production style has something beautifully crisp about it! This Californian producer has his own unique sound which is quite rare these days. I didn’t even have to see the name of the submission to suspect that it was Mike Forst at the helm once more. In a world where everyone copies other peoples traits, Forst has built his own. Short, sweet and totally worth a listen.

Mike Forst – Unexpected

Yescene / Chains

Something a little bit more conventional and practical here from Yescene. This guy is a master when it comes to creating snappy, catchy piano based house tracks. I have been following him for around a year now and am always impressed by his productions. If the world was ending and could only be saved by someone quickly constructing a piano-led house track – I would call Yescene. He would do a job and get us all bouncing around the place. I have no idea what part of my brain that last bit came from. Enjoy his latest tune.

Yescene – Chains

Pretty Drama x Bankii / Fall

We get our commercial oriented fix from Aussie producers Pretty Drama and Bankii. Their latest collaboration features vocals from Jonathan Hoard and it ripples around nicely. Not much is known about Pretty Drama really, all I know is that he/she is making pretty tunes. This new release titled ‘Fall’ is championed by the impressive BonFire records in the states. I am eagerly awaiting Urchin’s next release on May 18th via the same label.

Pretty Drama & Bankii – Fall

Serge Bulat / Apophenia

Serge Bulat has released a fine piece of chilled electronic here with the mellow and soft Apophenia. I have had this tune in my personal playlist for a few weeks and it has actually become a cherished background soundscape as I write my blabber recently. This tune just drifts along in a sea of wavy textures that all sooth the soul. Nothing jumps out and abuses your ears, this is just one of them pleasantly soft electronic tracks that is perfect for meditating.

Serge Bulat – Apophenia


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