Mad Excited to Share Jackson Mathod’s Debut Single ‘The Park’

Jackson Mathod

The day has finally come, it’s time for the world to hear the musical musings of Jackson Mathod. His first single. titled ‘The Park‘, has been released this morning. Mathod is no stranger to the music scene in the UK and is a well respected trumpeter who has performed on the mainstage of Glastonbury (Stormzy). He has also played in ensembles for the likes of Jordan Rakei too. His skill-set on the instrument is extraordinary and it’s culminated in him becoming one of the most sought after session musicians as a result. Not content on a life in the shadows, Mathod is starting to release his own original music and I couldn’t be more excited.

Today marks the date of his first solo offering, following on from a collaboration called, Make You Feel‘ he did with pop/soul duo Fika a couple of months ago. The tune cracked the million stream mark on Spotify within weeks and gives Jackson a nice platform to work from. His distinct, shimmering trumpet solo in the latter stages of that tune is stunning. A unique talent is Jackson Mathod. He has his own style. something that is really rare to find these days! The melancholic textures he can produce induce a real sense of calm in me.

The Park

The Park’ is a tune of the highest standard and opens with an already trademark collection of rippling brass notes, before we are introduced to Mathod’s vocal for the first time. In an interview I did with Jackson a couple of months ago (which will be up on the site soon I hope) – he stated that the track was an ode to a magical afternoon he spent with friends in Vondelpark, Amsterdam. The day is etched into his memory as a result, this song captures all the relevant feelings of elation he took from the experience. The vocals have that early Calvin Harris vibe and the wobbly bass-line give the tune an interesting dynamic. Jackson’s backing band do a wonderful job here too, the tempo is intense, yet the song is totally enchanting. As first single’s go, this has to be my favourite of the year so far! Ever since I heard the song, pre-release, a couple of months ago, I’ve indulged myself in like twenty listens since. Thankfully, it’s released now and I can write about it!

This is the first of many tunes that will be released by this talented new artist on the scene. I have no doubt that his music will be treated with respect and given the air-play it deserves. Have a listen to it below and make up your own minds. Pity it wasn’t a sunny day in London today, otherwise I’d be sitting in the park with my speakers annoying everybody with it. The best way I can describe his style is if ‘Fool’s Gold’ did a collaboration with a young Calvin Harris, on an all-day session in Amsterdam.

An exclusive interview with Jackson Mathod will be out on the site soon – you can catch all the in-depth info you need about him! He’s a cool guy!

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