London’s Simeon Rodgers Releases Impressive New Single ‘Endlove’

I’ve had the enormous pleasure of having an early listen to Simeon Rodgers‘ new single ‘Endlove‘. Rodgers is yet another hellishly talented emerging musician and close associate of London collective ‘Fake Turins‘. Simeon is a well-respected touring sound engineer by trade and started dabbling in his own electronic sounds just over two years ago. He has since compiled a really impressive portfolio of tunes and visuals, which he will be releasing to the world soon. Endlove is his second single and has been released this morning – I was totally blown away by the production and clean sound of this track. This modular construction is a total gem!

I had a brief chat with Sim over the phone a couple of weeks ago – I was so intrigued by the sounds, I couldn’t resist finding out more. Rodgers spoke of how his love for electronic music came from his father’s taste and that the musical musings of Kraftwork seeped through into his phsyce‘ from an early age. This was an early immersion into the world of electronic synths and sounds. As well as being a hugely popular sound engineer, Rodgers is an avid drummer too which certainly explains his supreme beat-work. What stood out to me the most on the new single ‘Endlove‘, was the seamless progressive flow to the soundscape. The rippling arpeggiated synths are total ear candy for any avid acid fan. I’m certainly one of them.

Coming from a background of performing in bands growing up, this new solo venture is a fresh road for Rodgers musically. He has given himself total creative freedom. He dapples in autotuned vocals on some tracks, he also records atmospheric samples from places like airports and roads to incorporate into his music. This project is an exploration of sound, and his homemade DIY modular synth provides the dreamy, immersive melodies. I remember seeing a Dutch producer called Sjamsoedin, performing a live modular set in Groningen! He also worked on a homemade piece of kit and the whole experience blew me away. I am counting down the days until I can witness a Simeon Rodgers live performance in London now! He operates in the same high class as the Dutchman.


Rodgers has made some lovely visuals to go along with Endlove – he states that the tune itself explores the theme of broken love and his own thoughts on being a modern man. It certainly is a journey of a tune. Looking forward to hearing more from him again soon – A strong new artist on the London electronic circuit. He has plenty more sensational tracks yet to come.

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