Sophia Kennedy’s Eerie ‘Orange Tic Tac’ is Certainly Turning Heads

Sophia Kennedy

If you are looking for something original and bold, Sophia Kennedy is the artist for you. Skirting on the bizarre – Orange Tic Tac is a song with two personalities. Contrasting the dark, mentally disturbed aspects of her thoughts with her radiant, clear and soulful side. This is undoubtedly a song that may well be depicting the dreadful affliction of severe mental health disorders.

It’s nearly uncomfortable to watch, yet at the same time, it’s hard not to be captivated and drawn in. Musically, its near flawless – the production and her absolutely golden voice (in the brighter moments of the song). The music video reminds me of the previous ‘Joker’ movie. That movie was absolutely haunting as we got to witness the plight of the Joker before he became a torrid entity. The video of this, through its creativity, gives me the same feelings of unnerve upon watching it. Stunning.

Released under Dj Koze‘s Pampa Records, its no surprise the production end is so crisp and listenable. In a world where every man and his dog are releasing copy-cat music – its wholly refreshing to see someone unafraid of being different and brave. This most definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but for those looking for unique sounds, it’s a must listen.

This single turned my head a couple of months ago; before my pre-Christmas break from blogging. Having re-watched the video yesterday and re:experienced the sight of Sophia, revealing her multiple personas, this swift write-up was drafted up.

If you fancy hearing more from her – I’d advise you to check out Apple in the Basket. Although, she has a plethora of fine releases floating about.

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