Romford’s ‘Jordz’ Debuts With Fluid Single ‘Balance’ – Who is He?

Sometimes the best things are worth waiting for…. In terms of Jordz‘ debut single arriving, this certainly is the case. I’ve been tracking the talented Romford rapper since 2019 ever since hearing one of his unique mixtapes online. I’ve been waiting patiently for his first single to drop for ages. Last Friday, that time came.

Jordan Moore (Jordz) is a 28 year-old songwriter who has been honing his craft for years prior to his debut ‘Balance‘. Released via the acclaimed P110 channel – it has been getting plenty of love since surfacing. What I love about Moore’s style is that he speaks out about real topics and subjects within his music. His heart is on his sleeve and that’s worth its weight in gold.

I met Jordz in London a couple of times back in 2019 and we passionately chatted about life, music and the future – a keen videographer, musician and basketballer – he has plenty going for him.

Fast forward almost two years and the debut single is here and it sounds supreme. Good production and a well shot video to go alongside it.

I met him in June 2019 in a Costa Coffee on Liverpool Street and these are some of the questions we touched on that day.

When did the drive and passion to become a musician begin?

I started writing poetry around the age of 8/9 and was always fascinated by connecting words and rhyming structures. I think I started rapping at the age of 12 – as part of a school project I made a rap tune as my piece, I always had a thing for making films and I wanted to make a video to accompany it. It was so embarrassing, the whole school gathered in the yard for my big film debut and I shot the video – the pressure of having a whole school waiting for you to create something. That was definitely the first taste of big time pressure.

What style of rap can we expect to hear from you?

I don’t stay in one genre, each EP I have made under my previous moniker has been a story and each song sits into the timeline, you can’t mix and match and move the songs around, the story wouldn’t make sense. Honesty is something very important to me and I try to be as relatable as possible to the audience in each song. In regards to style, one song could be grime, the next oldschool and the next experimental – each song represents the feelings at the time of writing.

If you want to hear more, here is some earlier music from Moore from the archives:

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