Most Cherished Finds #2 | B. Hamilton / Gold Tooth

Welcome to episode two of ‘My Most Cherished Finds‘ – the sporadic pop-up feature where I randomly wax lyrical about a song from the recent past. The first edition focused on Sun Shy Boy‘s 2020 single ‘Color of Home‘ – this episode shines light on B. Hamilton‘s 2012 release Gold Tooth. A song I’ve only discovered in the last few hours actually (but a band I’ve been tracking a long while)

Why Gold Tooth and Why Now?

Come here to me now – come close: Here’s a story for you all (it’s not actually that exciting really)

I was in London yesterday and visited Martin and Julia, my close friends (Julia created the epic logo for The Sound Sniffer btw) and we sat in their flat listening to music and eating pizza. It was chilled, the sun was shining outside and the sound system in the flat was top of the range. We each played our favourite tracks as we nattered about all things life – an eclectic list ranging from Einauldi to White Rabbit. It was my turn to suggest a band that fit within their style and without hesitation I suggested B. Hamilton.

We spun my favourite Hamilton track ‘As Stupid as the Sun‘ and let Spotify shuffle to the next. We fell at the feet of ‘Gold Tooth‘ a track from their 2012 album ‘Everything I own Is Broken‘ – a song I didn’t quite realise was superb until hearing it there and then. Since my first experience of the song last night, I’ve listened to it five or six times. It’s an outrageously high quality bop. Lead singer Ryan Christopher Parks’ vocals, the subtle guitar, the drum pattern, the strings- this is exactly the type of song I was looking for at that particular moment in time.

These guys are the band I recommend whenever I’m deeply rooted in a heated debate with artists about how difficult it is nowadays to be noticed in the music world. They are my case study. I’ve listened to all five albums they’ve released and I don’t get how they haven’t taken off. It’s not a bad thing from my perspective – I can show friends their music and feel very hipster in doing so. It’s a shame they aren’t household names but that hasn’t stopped them consistently churning out new material year on year. Another recommended listen is the acoustic version of ‘Good Foot‘ ripped from the impressive stripped-back Album ‘Ukelele Music for Car Commercials and Pharmaceutical Ads‘ which surfaced earlier this year.

I didn’t plan to write this article – twenty minutes ago I was eating lunch – now, I’ve just bashed out an impromptu article and I’m not quite sure if it’s a decent one or not. The urge just came to passionately ramble about something, so I did. Please give B Hamilton a spin though, so many good songs dotted about in their back catalogue. Peace.

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