Is Ross From Friends’ 2018 Album ‘Family Portraits’ One of The All Time Great Electronic Albums?

I have a few spare minutes so here comes a controversial statement and I'm just going to throw it out there. 'I firmly believe Ross From Friends' 2018 album 'Family Portraits' is one of the best electronic albums of all time'. Okay, it's out there. My head is certainly a mile above the parapet here.... Continue Reading →

An Ode to a Chance Encounter with Breakbeat Producer Theo Varda

Three years ago, I ventured to Brick Lane for an evening of drinks with my housemate Dee. It was my first time in this hip and exciting part of town and we soaked up the sun, graffiti and skateboarding in the park before making our way to the pub for drinks later on. We sat... Continue Reading →

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