Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra – Too much Information – Laolu Remix (Edit)

Africa! A humble and beautiful composition that brings us on a deeply emotional journey. Its rare that a song can simultaneously induce feelings of euphoria and sadness, wonder and anxiety, anger and contentment, desire and appreciation - but when listening to this, its like every emotion and suppressed thought and feeling comes pouring out. Imagine... Continue Reading →

Hidden Gem: Pascaal- Drowning in you

Texan producer 'Pascaal' has somewhat disappeared off the scene in recent years. His 2013 gem 'drowning in you', which makes fantastic use of a 'Beyonce-Crazy in Love' sample is minimal, yet full of vibrancy. This song oozes good vibes and bounces along neatly with little fuss. It may be a couple of years old, but... Continue Reading →

Sniff of the day: Local Natives- Jellyfish

Taylor Rice has a vocal style that usually would irritate me, but his voice is distinguishable and always makes me think back to the wonderful 'Wide Eyes' track in 2010. American Indie outfit 'Local Natives' have some fantastic hooky songs in their latest release 'Sunlit Youth', songs like 'Mother Emanuel' and 'Coins' are such songs... Continue Reading →

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