Kornél Kovács – Rocks

Yes, I am back lurking around the release outpost of Studio Barnhus - Stockholm, once more. One of the founding members Kornél Kovács is at it this week with a fruity new one called 'Rocks'. For me, this is far and away my most favoured label at the moment, everything seems to strike some sort... Continue Reading →

Kev Sheridan – Losing Someone is Never Easy

One of the juiciest piano led house tracks of the week here from Kev Sheridan. Bringing us to euphoric bliss as this chord heavy floater just carries us away from reality. Sheridan is not trying to be overly pretentious here, he sticks to a mundane name, nothing flash, nothing abstract and lets his music talk.... Continue Reading →

Usio – Pamoja

Perfect background-Warm up- Wind down tune to bring an atmosphere of respite to any occasion. This is like a meditation song as you walk around aimlessly with zero stress on your mind. Usio is a mysterious producer hooked into Axel Boman's Stockholm syndicate 'Studio Barnhus' and we love his sound. No fancy stuff- Just a... Continue Reading →

Baba Stiltz – Can’t help it

Stockholm boasts a fine collection of electronic producers of late. Signed to Kornel Kovacs and Axel Boman’s Studio Barnhus, Stiltz is in a circle of undoubted creative talent. Stiltz’s style is certainly different to the generic compositions widely heard and is worth a listen https://youtu.be/GXTV4pYVk20

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