Kev Sheridan – Losing Someone is Never Easy

IMG_8200One of the juiciest piano led house tracks of the week here from Kev Sheridan. Bringing us to euphoric bliss as this chord heavy floater just carries us away from reality. Sheridan is not trying to be overly pretentious here, he sticks to a mundane name, nothing flash, nothing abstract and lets his music talk. It’s rare to have deep pensive chords accompanied by a house bassline and disco clap. This is one of those rare house releases that thrives at low BPM with high emotion. Kudo’s to the great Axel Boman for introducing us to this under the radar artist. Check out his ‘Alone in Berlin’ too, it’s mellow and nostalgic. The subtlety of Sheridan’s productions has us hooked here. It’s nice to stumble onto a real gem on occasion – we will be following this man’s music intently in future!

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