HUGH – Sense To You

Joshua Idehen is one of London’s most influential poets, musicians and campaigners for protecting the live music scene in this sprawling city. He has played his part in the fabulous ‘Benin City’, a band that created the popular single Faithless that turned out to be one of my favorite tracks for about two years, no... Continue Reading →

Benin City – All Smoke No Fire

Joshua Idehen and his crew typify London club goers and their sheer outrage towards landmark clubs being torn down and obliterated to facilitate the property boom in the city.  What is a city without nightlife? Who would want to live in a global city which has nothing to do for music purists on the weekends?... Continue Reading →

Benin City – Final Form

Benin City is a band I've been following for the last few years. 'Faithless' is one of my favourite songs in the last while. A new album is in the pipeline and a release date of the 15th of June slapped on it. Joshua Ihdehen sounds very much like 'Ghostpoet' in the way he sings.... Continue Reading →

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