Benin City – All Smoke No Fire

imagesJoshua Idehen and his crew typify London club goers and their sheer outrage towards landmark clubs being torn down and obliterated to facilitate the property boom in the city.  What is a city without nightlife? Who would want to live in a global city which has nothing to do for music purists on the weekends? Clubs like ‘Cable – The Palais – Vibe Bar’ are all mentioned in Benin City’s video which highlights the cities club scene demise in recent years. The interesting happenings at iconic ‘Fabric’ in recent years were the icing on the cake for everyone and something had to be done. Closing Fabric would have destroyed the whole music culture in the city and thankfully a petition did the trick to save it from the grasp of the bulldozer. In 2018 there are still many new spaces opening up thankfully and electronic music in the city seems safe in the hands of XOYO-Printworks-Egg-Phonox-Fabric etc. for the moment. Benin City’s video for All Smoke No Fire is worth a watch. Good song too with poignant lyricism: ‘your car park is in my market, your flat is in my dancehall’, nioce!.

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