[Sniffer Favourites #003]: The Mercurial & Mysterious ‘JAI PAUL’.

In ‘SnifferFavs’ over the next while we will write about 10 albums that have influenced us greatly in the last few years ( Biased Review Alert 🙂 ). It is truly astonishing the power music can possess sometimes. I sat in my room late one bleak, rainy, evening in my parents house - it was around 2010... Continue Reading →

Ben Khan – 2000 Angels

The ‘Ben Khan’ boy is back with his first sliver of music since 2015. His whole persona is a mirror of the fantastic mysterious ‘Jai Paul’ who teased everyone a few years ago with a fresh pop glitch style that blew many a mind totally. Like Paul, Ben Khan executed the same style with such... Continue Reading →

Isaac Delusion – Isabella

Parisian outfit ‘Isaac delusion’ have struck a chord with Isabella. A chirpy strange pop number with superb ‘Jai Paul’-esque guitar licks. We heard this song a few months back and still have it on repeat. The vocals are unique and the music video also. One of the best songs of late 2017, so we better... Continue Reading →

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